The Parka Code

Born out of a real passion for craftsmanship and extraordinary fabric, Ten c’s signature Japanese OJJ fabric, the Parka is a timeless staple and iconic garment part of the Forever Collection

The Parka range

The Parka, probably the most iconic Ten C's garment. It was first used in 1951 by the United States Army as weather protection in the Korean War and later became a cult clothing item for scooter-riding British Mods in the 1960s.

Cyclone Parka

The Cyclone Parka takes its shape from the slimmer fitting german snorkel parkas of the late 1960’s. The pocket and hood details reference the Tempest Anorak but have been adjusted to work better with the slightly narrower set-in sleeve.

Customize your own piece

The original idea is to give the client the chance to customize their own piece, we've designed the parka coats so every liner fits every jackets and you can swap them around. We like the idea that people could have their own individual Ten c setup

Water Repellent

Ten c's signature fabric, Original Japanese Jersey, commonly known as "OJJ", made of high-density knitted nylon and polyester fibers. OJJ is wind resistant and water repellent, while also offering a denim-like aging characteristic, due to the unique product dyeing process of applying pressure at high temperatures.