Ten c, The Emperor's New Clothes, introduces The Forever Collection. The original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen tells of looking beyond what you are told to see and to value what is truly there. The ability to look beyond the fads and trends is a new interpretation of the original fairy tale.

Ten c pieces that asked to be loved for what they are. Pieces intended to last forever. These timeless and iconic garments are created to live and age with you, and the incredible Japanese jersey will, with time, mould itself almost imperceptibly to you.
The tent that wears the scars of every event it has ever been to with you. That pair of jeans you just cannot throw away. They will become exclusively yours.

Ten c believe that by applying the true values of craftsmanship and creating garments that are conceived to last all your life, they can in some way help, and this comes from the bible of real environmentalists, in the elimination of waste. We are talking about caring and quality.

Brand Philosophy

Ten c is designed by Alessandro Pungetti and part of FGF Group, held by Enzo Fusco.
Named after the Danish Fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Ten c forces one to look beyond the fads and trends and towards the value of well crafted clothing.

Ten c pulls its influence from Japanese craftsmanship

Specially engineered Japanese textiles comprise the breadth of Ten c’s products, with special attention to OJJ — or Original Japanese Jersey.
The garment dyeing of this fabric is exclusive to Ten c.

In their acknowledgement of timeless Japanese manufacturing, the co-founders took inspiration from the kikumon seal for Ten c logo. Every Ten c piece features modular capabilities, allowing for versatility in wear and customization with liners and hoods. With a focus on timeless pieces, Ten c creates adaptable and hard-wearing clothing to last a lifetime