The Original
Japanese Jersey

The Original Japanese Jersey (OJJ fabric ) is an exclusive Ten C used and manufactured jersey fabric with unique properties. OJJ is manufactured exclusively in Japan and then only cut,sewn and dyed by Ten C in Italy.

Brand OJJ
Brand OJJ

This unique material lives
with you and adapts.

Traces of use are formed, which give the material a used look, which is only formed through your use. Accordingly, there are no two jackets with the same look. The material lives on a certain stiffness which becomes softer during use and adapts to the body. Traces of use - similar to jeans, the jacket gives your own character. As always all the OJJ Shells can be worn with all the Down Liners.

OJJ Shell

The new shearling collar and lapel Liner, and a fully reversible Liner that can be used as an inter-season down jacket increase the possibilities of customising each individual Shell.

Ten c is totally against breeding animals only for their fur and for this reason uses only sheepskin for Liners and trims.

They are all different.


The OJJ Shell range is completed with a limited number of two airbrushed pieces. Since every piece is airbrushed by hand they are all different, unique and therefore numbered.