Spring/Summer ‘023

 For S / S 2023 Ten c and Alessandro Pungetti present a collection inspired by the colors of plaster, starting from various shades of grey which then become colored, while maintaining a sort of opaque dusty patina that covers them and lightens their tones. Then there are two stronger colors, a greyish-teal that shades into all its other lighter nuances, and a deep burgundy that then fades into more pastel colors ranging from chalky mauve to dusty pink and peach pink.

The hybridisation of materials, first introduced in FW22, is seen once again with fabric textures crafted in an almost plastic-like finish.
For Ten c, a continuation of hybridisation means introducing new complexities and techniques between materials in the same piece, such as the Short Combo Bonded Parka and Fishtail Combo Bonded Parka, where piece-dyed rip-stop nylon is bonded with 11oz OJJ fabric. A new, stronger taping system has also been introduced to make items perform better and is used in the Bonded Anorak 3L and Bonded Parka 3L, presented in a water-resistant cotton/nylon three layer.