Antermoia Roccia Vet boots

Antermoia boots in Ten c’s signature fabric, OJJ, take shape from the Diemme iconic Roccia vet, classic Italian hiking boots updated with a lightweight sole. Hybridisation and fusion of fabrics feature these boots. Staying true to the brand’s DNA: there is no logo outside, on the upper part. The tone sur tone enhances the boots (laces and insole as well). The colour palette remains between neutral, black, and Ten c’s military green. Antermoia boots are water-proof thanks to coating fabric with the OJJ.

For the fall/winter 2023/2024 collection, three main hues have been chosen, inspired by the three predominant colors found in the Arcari Quarries: the ivory of the Vicenza Stone, the military green of the moss and algae deposits on the walls, and the black that characterizes the dark areas of the labyrinths excavated inside. Each color represents a chromatic chapter of the collection and of this campaign, pervaded by an ethereal and contemplative atmosphere as a mirroring game between the quarry and the collection, thanks to a strong play of light and shadow in its environment.