Fall/Winter ‘023

Ten c continues its study of hybridisation in the FW 2023 collection, defining hybrid as anything that is articulate, complex and highly structured, seeking new ways of combining different worlds. OJJ is the emblematic fabric in the collection, influenced by the hybrid theme and interpreted in the colours inspiring the mood with new materials such as Silver Laminated Nylon. Hybridisation continues into the world of dyeing, with Nylon Tactels ideal for sweatshirts and trousers, characterising and representing the Ten c world.Hardstones provide the inspiration for Ten c’s FW 2023 collection, suggesting the choice of colours revolving around shades of grey, veering toward natural hues inspired by rocks, with touches of bolder colour inspired by semi-precious stones such as blue turquoise, acid-green agate, a darker shade of the petrol blue of Amazonite, and the solid black of obsidian.

Embrace the Unexpected: Ten C's Philosophy of Seeing Beyond
The communication campaigns embody this philosophy too, taking us on a journey to discover unconventional, visually striking, and conceptually rich locations. From architectural wonders, lost landscape that bridge the past and present to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Experience the philosophy of Ten C's 'seeing beyond' with the Fall/Winter '023 campaign set in a stone architecture, the Arcari Quarry in the Berici Hills of Vicenza, Italy. The Arcari Quarry's limestone walls possess an enchanting quality that transcends ordinary perceptions of color. As the sunlight gracefully illuminates the quarry, the limestone undergoes a mesmerizing metamorphosis, evolving into a kaleidoscope of pink hues. The interplay between light and stone produces an ethereal spectacle that awakens the senses and captivates the imagination.